Why is local better?


Local business empowerment and conglomerate reduction have been great points of interest over the last decade. Especially in smaller communities, we like to see small and local businesses thrive. Whether these businesses are craft, coffee, food or farmers, these people are our friends and neighbors who rely on us, the community, for support.

Here are a few reasons why shopping with us, your local farmers' market, is better.

1. It promotes biodiversity. Demand for local goods engages competition for greater variety and high quality product among businesses.

2. It empowers consumers and builds community. Our mission- Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food, revolves around this. Buying directly from farmers gives the consumer the satisfaction of knowing exactly where and how their food is grown or raised, and allows farmers to form relationships with their buyers.

3. It tastes better! Local produce tastes better because it's in-season and recently harvested. Farm to table, at its finest.

4. Improved quality of life for consumers, growers and livestock. Sustainable growing without chemical pesticides and fertilizers is not only healthier for us, but better for the environment. Extra care is required when raising livestock without hormones and antibiotics, but this ethical practice leads to happy animals, which means happy farmers and happy buyers. It's a wonderful cycle knowing you can feel good about what you are buying and knowing you are making a difference.

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